Web Development History (WDH) is an ongoing project to chronicle the history of the internet from a developer perspective.

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My cadence is 1-2 posts per month and you can get notified of new posts in a few different ways:

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Nice things people have said


WDH will be written as a blog that is regularly updated, but my ultimate goal is to turn it into a book. Given the scope of the project, I expect this will take me a while.

I will be taking a chronological approach within topics. So for example, JavaScript is a (big!) topic and I will tackle it in a series of chronological posts starting from 1995. At the same time, I may start or re-start work on other topics (e.g. exploring the history of cloud technology on the web, starting with Amazon Web Services in 2006). The upshot: although each topic will be covered chronologically, the blog will jump around the web timeline to keep things interesting.

For further context, read the introductory post (published December 2020).

Who am I

I’m Richard MacManus, aka @ricmac. I was the founder of ReadWriteWeb, a leading tech blog from the Web 2.0 era. I’m currently a senior editor and columnist at The New Stack.

Contact me

Web development is a deep, wide and sometimes complex subject (hello CSS! hello JavaScript!). So the more eyes that review the material before I turn it into a book, the better. Please do leave a comment, or contact me via email (webdevhistory AT gmail.com) or social media, if you spot any errors or omissions.